Darcy forchheimer coefficients open foam user guide

Virtual abstract base class for templated ThermoCloud. More.Drag model based on assumption of distorted spheres according to: More.Liquid nC3H7COOCH3 or ( MB ) methyl butyrate (used for biodiesel surrogate) More.Double-dot-product between a spherical tensor and a spherical tensor. More.Make a directory and return an error if it could not be created. More.

The reciprocal of the preconditioned diagonal is calculated and stored. More.References forAll, mergePoints(), List::setSize(), and UList::size().Definition at line 61 of file basicReactingMultiphaseParcel.H.Class containing mesh-to-mesh mapping information after a change in polyMesh topology. More.

Virtual abstract base class for templated KinematicCloud. More.Container for data on surfaces used for surface-driven refinement.The IDEA fuel is constructed by adding 30% alphaMethylNaphthalene with 70% n-decane. More.Collection of static functions to do various simple patch related things. More.Used for postprocessing when only basic polyPatch info is needed. More.Class which represents pure phases, i.e. without any species.References abort(), Foam::constant::physicoChemical::b, FatalError, and FatalErrorInFunction.References Foam::constant::physicoChemical::c1, Foam::constant::physicoChemical::c2, IOstream::check(), and SHA1Digest::length.

References type(), Tensor2D::xx(), Tensor2D::xy(), Tensor2D::yx(), and Tensor2D::yy().MRF zone definition based on cell zone and parameters obtained from a control dictionary constructed from the given stream. More.References IOstream::ASCII, IOstream::check(), IOstream::format(), and Istream::read().After construction holds distance at cells and distance at patches. Is e.g. used by wallDist to construct volScalarField with correct distance to wall. More.References IOstream::check(), exit(), FatalIOError, FatalIOErrorInFunction, dimensionSet::mag, dimensionSet::read(), and dimensionSet::smallExponent.Templated abstract base class for RAS turbulence models. More.Definition at line 44 of file reactingMultiphaseParcelInjectionDataIOList.H.Base-class for all Xi models used by the b-Xi combustion model.Rotational spatial transformation tensor about the z-axis by omega radians.

A namespace for incompressible mixtureViscosityModel implementations.Find first occurence of given element in sorted list and return index,.Specialisation of patchDist for wall distance calculation. More.

As per dynamicCast, but handles type names via the virtual type() method.This boundary condition provides a jump condition, using the cyclicAMI condition as a base.Various functions for collecting and writing binary data. More.

This modifier takes a set of internal faces and converts them into boundary faces and vice versa based on the given activation switch. More.Abstract template class to provide the form resulting from. More.

Direct (one-to-one cell correspondence) mesh-to-mesh interpolation class. More.Base class for blended schemes to provide access to the blending factor surface field. More.A templated 2D rectangular m x n matrix of objects of. More.Spherical linear interpolation of septernions. 0 for qa, 1 for qb. More.Definition at line 43 of file AMIPatchToPatchInterpolation.H.

Data associated with pointData as contiguous as pointEdgePoint.Apply this condition to patches whose normal is aligned to geometric directions that do not constitue solution directions. More.

Removes selected points from mesh and updates faces using these points. More.Enables the specification of a fixed value boundary condition using the solid body motion functions. More.An abstract base class for implicitly-coupled interfaces e.g. processor and cyclic patches. More.Class with limiter function which returns the limiter for the SuperBee differencing scheme based on r obtained from the LimiterFunc class. More.Class to store the settings for the polyMeshFilter class. More.Referenced by findEtcDirs(), findEtcFiles(), Foam::stringOps::inplaceExpand(), and printSourceFileAndLine().

MAXMIN (float, float, float) inline double pow (const float s.Eddy viscosity turbulence model with non-linear correction base class. More.