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The crust eventually melts as it moves deeper into the hot mantle.Subduction, fold mountains, volcanoes, and trenches in oceanic- continental convergent plate movement.Geography- plate tectonics, convection currents and continental drift Posted by Surviving Leaving Cert at 09:44.

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The Atmosphere and the ocean Structure and Composition - How The Earth is Heated By The Sun - The Transfer Heat To The Earth - Ocean Currents - Wind.When magma is heated, it expands rises and generates convection currents, which push the plates away from each other.When this magma solidifies, new crust is formed at the plate boundary.

This heat causes the rocks in the mantle to melt and become molten rocks called magma.

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A-level Geography Question Paper Unit 3 Contemporary Geographical Issues JAN 2012.Higher Level students will answer 5. (e.g. plate tectonics, the geography of volcanoes and.Continental and oceanic platers are contrasted and major plate boundaries are discussed.The rising magma puts more pressure on the crust to produce additional fractures and, ultimately, the rift zone.

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The plate tectonic theory is a theory that geologists use to help.Some files on key areas of Physical Geography for Leaving Certificate.

A collection of lesson plans and classroom activities for plate tectonics.

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Check your understanding of the types of tectonic plate boundaries with an interactive quiz.Geography- 2015 Q4 - industrial decline and tertiary activities in an Irish region.LC Geography. L. Cert Sample Answers. Plate Movement James Sheehan.Divergent plate movement causes fractures and cracks to develop at the plate boundary.Trenches, earthquakes and volcanic island arcs in oceanic-oceanic convergent plate movement.The Factors Affecting the Development of Primary Activity (or.

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The crust may be folded at the collision zone to form spectacular overland mountain ranges.

The less dense continental plate moves over the denser oceanic plate.The oceanic plate is subducted forming a depression, which is a trench.Leaving Certificate Geography is assessed at Ordinary and Higher level in ascending order of.

Iv seen the papers in our class room im not doing the leaving cert. limestone, characteristics of a biome, plate tectonics.Lesson 13: Plate Tectonics I. far the Pacific Plate has moved in 17 years.

Boundaries where such plate movements take place are known as transform fault margins.Mr. Andersen describes how plate tectonics shapes our planet.Unit 1 Geography Notes. Geology Earth Volcanology Plate tectonics Igneous rocks Volcanism.Part of the problem in answering this question is the small sample size we have to.Plate Tectonics. Article. Geodesy and the Size and Shape of the Planet Earth.

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